Reunited with owner after two years

The best Valentine ever for ARA shelter dog Rampie

It was an incredibly moving sight to see shelter dog Rampie of the Animal Rights Aruba (ARA) foundation reunited with his owner after two long years. The owner was totally overcome to find his beloved dog back: he had given up hope to find his Rampie a long time ago. The story behind this wonderful reunion is unbelievable.

Rampie and his sister were taken in when they were three month-old puppies, but unfortunately the bitch died soon afterwards. Then their owner got involved in a serious car accident, so he had to stay home for a long while to recuperate; a process during which the love of his faithful dog helped him greatly. The two became inseparable.

Two years ago someone tried to break into the house of Rampie’s owner, but as he saw the dog, he fled, leaving the gate open. Rampie went for a stroll and got lost. Last year, on December 30th, one of ARA’s volunteers found the dog, who was spooked from fireworks. He was taken to the shelter, where he calmed down. He had to wait until the weekend before Valentine’s Day, however, before he could go home again.

Initially, the ARA volunteers thought that Rampie was a dog who had fled when the police kicked in the door of a house on the suspicion that somebody had died there a fortnight ago. As the television crew was filming the action, a terrified and traumatized white dog was seen, fleeing the house. A neighbor of Rampie’s owner thought that the white animal might have been Rampie, and thus the ARA got involved.

For Rampie and his happy owner, all is well that ends well: this year’s Valentine’s Day will be one neither of the two will ever forget!


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