Our Mission

We Save, We Care, We Educate!

We Save

  • Save Animals
  • Give Animals a Second Chance
  • Adoption

We Care

  • Protect Animal’s Rights
  • Prevention
  • Fight Abuse
  • Promote Legislation and New Laws

We Educate

  • Education at Schools, Police and “Centro di “barrios”
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Newspapers, Television, Radio and Internet

ARA Objectives

No Kill Policy

  • Protect all animals against cruelty.
  • Protect the habitat of the native animals against destruction, poison and contamination.
  • Protect animals from being captured with the risk of extermination.
  • Animals are not euthanized except in cases of terminal and painful illness. When compassion demands, euthanasia should be considered, because there is no reasonable alternative.
  • Offer help and look after sick animals or those that are hurt due to an accident or in case of calamities.

Short and Midterm Objectives

  • Re-establish a  neuter and spaying program for strays.
  • Establish a registration program for dogs and cats.
  • Reduce the ratio of dogs to humans 1:3.5 to 1:2.0
  • Establish an animal welfare control unit for every “bario”.
  • Promote the establishment of a sanctuary for healthy52 unwanted, adoptable dogs.
  • Establish a full fledged Humane Society in Aruba.

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