Is ARA connected to the Animal Shelter?

The existing Animal Shelter is an independent organization, however… ARA intends to work in close contact with the shelter. We are also promoting the establishment of more shelters on the island.

What kind of actions does ARA undertake?

At this moment ARA is in desperate need of funds and volunteers. Although we have many plans for rescuing and helping animals, our hands are tied and there is little we can do without the help of the public.

What should I do when my pet is lost?

Ask around in your neighborhood and contact the radio and newspaper. Sometimes it pays to offer a small reward. Also the ARA offers the possibility to put a lost dog ad on their website for free. Just mail a picture and information about the dog to info@animalrightsaruba.org.

Does the government pay ARA?

ARA is considered a non-government organization and is not paid by the government. However, we are applying to the ministry of Public Health for funding. All our revenues are derived from donations and fundraising.

Does ARA pick up hurt animals?

This is one of our short-term goals …but we are still awaiting funding to permit us to invest in this costly cause.

Where can I leave my dogs when I go on vacation?

Would it not be wonderful to have a reputable animal hostel where you could leave your beloved pet and know it will be well cared for?  Would you help us find a way to make this happen? Our advice right now is, find a good neighbor or friend who is willing to care for your pet.

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