Welcome to Animal Rights Aruba

Animal Rights Aruba (ARA) is a non – profit Animal Welfare Organization that aims to protect all Fauna, Flora and Marine Life on and around the island of Aruba.

Animal Rights Aruba was founded on May 3, 1999, and run solely by volunteers. A very young organization with a lot of room to grow. Our vision is a world in which the welfare of animals is understood and respected by everyone, and protected by effective legislation.

By no means is the appropriate infrastructure in place to embark upon all cases of negligence and abuse on Aruba.

In 2005 ARA organized a sterilization, rescue and adoption campaign to deal with the stray dog and cat overpopulation dilemma, as it is currently the largest issue at hand from not only an animal welfare stance, but that of Public Health and Tourism as well. With enough funding, the organization would like to repeat this project to continue tackling the dog and cat overpopulation on the island.

Please visit our campaigns section for more information on this project.

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