A second chance

I found “Oxi” running tired, hungry, scared and pregnant in Aruba on December 8, 2007. With a little food, water, a soft voice and a gentle touch, we became friends. Then an incredible story begins…..

With the help of management at the Occidental Grand, the people at Animal Rights Aruba were called. It took a few hours for them to arrive, so mine and Oxi ’s time together was a little longer together and she rested peacefully on the beach during that time. While we waited, several people came by and offered their support and help. Among these people were one of our U.S. vets, who gave her an exam; she was pregnant and in her 2nd semester, she was anemic, she had an umbilical hernia and possible a venereal disease. But this one had caught my heart because of her trust and gentleness!

You see, I was one of the people who had lost my “14 year best friend” just 5 months earlier and could not even think of having another pet because of the pain when she passed. It was then that I sadly turned Oxi over to the people from Animal Rights Aruba, but not without getting phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

They kept me updated on Oxi’s progress and care, and 22 days later, she gave birth to 12 puppies; 2 of which died shortly after and the other 10 went on to be adopted.

With the incredible help from Animal Rights Aruba, Contreras Vets, Yessy, Kathy, Cheryl and too many others to mention – I was reunited with Oxi on April 4, 2008.

When I flew down to bring her home with me, they offered her and I their home to stay until we left, they even drove us to the airport to see us on our way. In my entire life, I have never seen people more willing to support a rescue cause and I cherish each one of these people for what they do every day!

Unfortunately, our story didn’t end there. Oxi and I arrived safely in Miami on American Airlines and up to this point I was able to see every time she was loaded and unloaded from a plane. She was sent on ahead of me to the next plane that was headed for Pittsburg. I boarded the bus headed for my plane and waited to get on so I could see her being loaded. But Oxi wasn’t there. A full-fledged panic broke out in me and I immediately alerted the staff, who in return, alerted the captain. Captain Cummings of American Eagle Airlines, after coming down to address and calm me, had located her on a plane headed for Chicago, waiting for take-off. He personally brought the plane back, unloaded Oxi and put her on our plane. We were finally headed for home.

It’s now 4 months later and I look at her everyday and tell her; “I’m not sure who’s luckier, me or you”. Today Oxi is well-adjusted, healthy, happy and forever a member of our family.

I love you all,

Cathy & Oxi

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