Free Love from Aruba

0151Animal Right Aruba has at the moment 18 dogs for adoption. Four adults, five 6-months old teenagers, all white and beautiful, and 9 cute 5-week olds, mixed breed puppies. They are being fed twice a day by Animal Rights Aruba volunteers but would require a fast adoption, since the Animal Shelter in Wayaca is full and can no longer accommodate new arrivals.

We hope the pictures will help us find homes for the dogs. For the purpose of seeing them, you could meet the volunteers of ARA at Pacifico Restaurant (across from the road to the Casibari rock formation). Adopting overseas is easy, you will get a health certificate from the local vet with the help of the ARA volunteers, and your new dog can go home with you!

Call for adoption: Heleen 7320843/Alma 7336468

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