Attention dog & cat owners Animal Rights Aruba introduces a new Spay & Neuter campaign

03-arubaAnimal Rights Aruba now offers greatly discounted Spay & Neuter services at all three vet clinics on the island, so that dog and cat owners can choose between Contreras Veterinary Services, in Shaba and Savaneta, VKA in Noord, Wayaka and San Nicholas or Animal Care Clinic, in Paradera. Dog & Cat owners are urged to take advantage of the offer, as Animal Right Aruba subsidizes the procedure by partially paying the vets for the operation. Dog & Cat owners are expected to participate with a very reasonable contribution.

The prices for Spaying & Neutering services may vary a bit between the clinics, but the following is Animal Right Aruba’s guideline: For a male dog, owner’s contribution is Awg 50, for a female dog, owner’s contribution is Awg 100, and for cats, owner’s contribute between Awg 20 to Awg 30.

Animal Rights Aruba spokesperson declares that everyone can now afford to have their pets fixed, improving animal welfare on the island, and reducing the number of unwanted puppies and dogs on the street.

Contreras Veterinary Services NV, Shaba 2, Tel.: 297-587-0917 / 297-587-4467, Savaneta 117 Lokaal 2, 297-584-0918. ,

Animal Care Clinic , Paradera 177 A, Tel.: 297-582-8382, ,

Veterinaire Kliniek & Pension, Wayaca 128 O’Stad, also clinics in Noord & San Nicholas, Tel.: 297-582-1720, ,  /

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