Turtles of Aruba

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Aruba knows four species of sea turtles that lay eggs on our beaches: Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill. During the months of March up until October, these sea turtles start showing up on Aruban beaches to lay their eggs that will produce offspring between May to December.

All of these sea turtles are endangered species, which is why Aruba has a foundation to protect these creatures: Turtugaruba. The foundation lays barricades around sea turtle nests on the occidental beaches while monitoring nests on the other side of the island, ensuring protection from the rough seas and driftwood and occasionally assisting the sea turtles navigating their nests, and keeping a registry of nests.

Things you can do to help

Turn off the lights

Nighttime activities and artificial lighting may deter adult females from nesting or disorient emerging hatchlings, leading them inland where they die of dehydration or are crushed by cars. So PLEASE keep all lights off, including flashlights, flash photography and video equipment. Do not use your mobile phone in their presence either as the screen of your device may disorient the hatchlings.

Do not drive on the beach

Vehicles compact sand and make it difficult for turtles to dig into or out the sand. Also, remember that driving on the beach is prohibited by law!

Do not litter

Keep our beaches clean. Balloons, plastic bags and other non-degradable litter can kill sea turtles who mistake it for food. Obstacles such as beach furniture or recreational equipment may cause nesting females to abort their nesting attempt or may even trap nesting females or hatchlings.

Call it in

If you are lucky enough to witness hatchlings emerge from the sand, please maintain distance and call Turtugaruba at 592 9393 immediately (available 24/7).

They are protected by law

Our sea turtles are protected by law. It is prohibited to kill them, destroy their nests or harvest eggs from their nests. Doing so constitutes a violation of our laws and will have legal repercussions for the offender.

For more information visit www.facebook.com/turtugaruba or send an email to turtugaruba@hotmail.com. All reports of evidence of or presence of a new and unprotected sea turtle nest are welcome!


Turtugaruba is a volunteer run foundation and pours its heart into this work, however donations are always welcome as they aid the foundation in funding research and raise awareness.

Stichting Turtugaruba

Arubabank # 4006684


Thank you Turtugaruba for your dedication and hard work!

– Team ARA

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