Nature Conservation Ordinance

Pictured: Suki

Aruba’s flora and fauna are protected by a State Ordinance Nature Conservancy (Dutch: Natuurbeschermingsverordening) enacted as of 1995 and amended in 2017. This means that in no way, shape or form is one permitted to cause (intentional) damage to the flora and fauna mentioned in this provision.

The animals protected by this law include:

Striped Anole (Toteki) Dolphin Parakeet (Prikichi)
Rattlesnake (Cascabel) Whale Burrowing Owl (Shoco)
Iguana Turtle Crested Bobwhite (Patrishi)
Baker’s cat-eyed snake (Santanero) Giant Sea Turtle (Drikil) Bare eyed pigeon (Blauwduif)
Frog Manta ray Flamingo
Rabbit Conch (Calco) Crested Caracara (Warawara)
Starfish (Strea di lama) Bats (Raton di anochi)
Lobster (Kreft)
Hammerhead Shark (Tribon Martieu)
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

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