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  1. Suliette says:

    Location: Aruba
    I loveee animals, no mather the age,size,type or color,,,they are all adorable!!

  2. Barbara says:

    Location: United States
    On our 2nd trip to Aruba, I was astounded at the number of stray dogs I saw wandering the streets and throughout the resort (Tamarijn). After returning to the US, I learned of your organization. I now know where to go to adopt my next dog! Hopefully all the missing dogs will find their owners or another loving home that they so wholeheartedly deserve. God bless all of you.

  3. sherry says:

    Location: United States
    we visited ALTO VISTA CHAPEL 3 times and fed the strays,, some are very tame and licked our hands, I hope people will catch and adopt them out

  4. shakira rollock says:

    Location: Aruba
    oh they are so cute

  5. Jaimee says:

    Location: United States
    I vacation frequently and I am so happy to know that this organization exists. I see so many dogs running around…some appear to be very sick. I oftentimes see dogs running along highways dangerously close to cars. What types of supplies are you in need of? I would love to drop some off…I will be in Aruba on Friday 1/14!

  6. Paige says:

    Location: United States
    I sent a donation and it was returned to me marked “moved” by the Aruban Post Office. Please make sure that the literature in the hotels has the correct address. I will resend the check now that I have seen this website and the new address. One of the most enjoyable (yet heartbreaking) parts of my vacations in Aruba is making friends with the strays on the beach and providing them with a good meal every morning during my stay! Keep up the good work!

  7. Dawn Coffman says:

    Location: United States
    We adopted a dog while there on vacation January 2011. He has been the best dog. We had no problems bringing him home to Indiana. Everyone at the Humane Society and the Vet were very nice…Thank you so much

  8. Madeleine says:

    Location: Aruba
    We have adopted “Trouble” who we renamed Royal about 4 years ago.
    He is the most sweet and amazing dog I have ever known.

  9. Dorene Ciamaricone says:

    Location: United States
    Just visited Aruba from 11/26 to 12/1/11. There are some beautiful cats in the entranceway of the Tiera del Sol development and also an orange one who goes to the Tony Roma restaurant each night for a meal. If you are visiting, please remember them. They are adorable and the one at Tony Roma’s is so friendly. Maybe, they can soon get homes of their own.

  10. Alyssa manno says:

    Location: United States
    I’m vacationing at la cabana and came across the sweetest stray how does one adopt a stray??

  11. Cindy Evenwel says:

    Location: Canada
    I just came back from Aruba – my first time there. WHile I enjoyed the happy island and all it’s natural beauty, the situation with the stray dogs was very upsetting to me. As a lover of animals, the lack of consideration and care for these dogs was very disappointing and sad. Educating the Arubian people starting in the schools- humane education and the importance of spaying/neutering is most vital. I do not think I will vacation there again until these island dogs are treated more humanely.

  12. vegan crioyo says:

    Location: Aruba
    Mi ta hopi feliz di wak cu na e isla ki tin hendenan cu ta passiona over di mehora e bidanan di bestia. Un sugerencia cu mi por ofrece ta pa educa nos hobennan over di veganismo y con nan no mester tuma parti di e industria violente aki.

  13. Henny Jordan says:

    Location: United States
    I don’t like to bring this up, but little has changed in 40 plus years since we lived in Aruba in the sixties. Kids are not taught at home to take care of animals. Also most locals don’t have enough disposable income to pay for Vet. services. I am glad to see that your organization is working to change that. Since that cost money I would like to challenge all my fellow US tourists to make a donation to A.R.A. I will make mine soon! We were vacationing with our family in Aruba just a few weeks ago. On a trip we made there in 1980, I found a kitten on the beach, took her back to the USA, got her neutered and she lived with us for 19 years. Her name was ARUBA.

  14. m. kalter says:

    Location: United States
    We need to do more to help the strays and educate people to spay and neuter. If each of us do our part we could solve this sad problem. These beings deserve food, cold water and love each day just as we all do. Please try to do something don’t just pass them by. They are forever searching for their next meal, drink of water and kind words from one of us.

  15. Patricia says:

    Location: United States
    Just returned on 12/13/12 from our favorite “one happy island.” The dog situation is heart-breaking. This was my fifth year and never saw the homeless dogs until last year; it was worse this year. I saw 4 dogs on our beach and took them water in little glasses; one was a female in heat, which is why 3 males were with her. 1 had an eye infection, 1 had a cut on it’s nose, 1 had a hurt leg and the males continued to fight with each other over the female. I had no idea what to do and talked to everyone at the hotel and got very little information. I confess, it has RUINED my vacation this time. I cannot get their sweet, beautiful, tortured faces out of my mind and I see them in my sleep. I feel horrible. I have a beautiful 5-year-old Shiba Inu who– thankfully– will never know hunger, fear or lack of water, unlike these poor dogs. I plan to donate to ARA but don’t think that is enough, b/c I don’t have enough money to make a real difference. This is sickening to me. It’s also appalling considering the amount of money we spend on our vacation and also contribute to the island’s econony with our shopping, etc. The Aruban government should be ashamed of themselves and I intend to write to them frequently. If anyone who reads this can help, please do.