Events / Campaigns

Spay & Neuter campaign

Animal Rights Aruba now offers greatly discounted Spay & Neuter services at all three vet clinics on the island, so that dog and cat owners can choose between Contreras Veterinary Services, in Shaba and Savaneta, VKA in Noord, Wayaka and San Nicholas or Animal Care Clinic, in Paradera. Dog & Cat owners are urged to take advantage of the offer, as Animal Right Aruba subsidizes the procedure by partially paying the vets for the operation. Dog & Cat owners are expected to participate with a very reasonable contribution.

School Curriculum Campaign

In an attempt to bring Animal Rights Aruba closer to our youth, we would like to approach schools to promote animal rights and welfare.


ARA often has rescued animals that have been nursed back to healthy, adoptable conditions. These will be displayed on the website and in local media for adoption. If the animal hasn’t already been spayed/neutered by ARA, the new owner will be obliged to do this at a specified date. The amount the new owner pays for the adoption goes to cover the cost of this operation.

For details on animals up for adoption, please visit our Adoption section.

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